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Nutrition Investigator offers thanks

by Roc (click here for full post)

I am thankful you are being conscious of what you put in your body in the coming year. Here’s some morsels to savour in anticipation of Thanksgiving in the States:

1. HAPPINESS is associated with longer life!!! People in better moods are 35% less likely to die in the next 5 years! From Understanding the Human Brain – Science 4 Nov 2011 – The entire issue is devoted to new learning about how our brains work.

2. EXERCISE for Life (Science 334:565) Exercise significantly extended the life span—for a mouse model with a neurodegenerative disease! ALSO Repeat: Exercise can keep you young. I have reported this previously, but it’s a good reminder for Thanksgiving. A March, 2011 study in Science found that exercise reduced or eliminated signs of aging in mice genetically programmed to grow old at an accelerated pace.

3. EASE DEPRESSION. The two omega-3s of fish oil, both EPA and DHA, are involved in reducing depression.
I am thankful to my dear former student “John” Kim, once chief resident of Andrew Weil, and recently Co-chair of the Conference on Integrative Health. He recently wrote that “Depending on what condition you are targeting – there are studies that show EPA works for depression but not DHA and vice versa. Usually I target 1.5 g of EPA and 1 g of DHA for beginning of titration [of depression].” Standard fish oil tablets contain 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA, the ratio Dr. Kim recommends to begin with.

4. SUCCESSFUL PREGNANCIES. Preventing early delivery (From Science 334:739)-Inflammation is a trigger to labor, so reducing stresses that might cause early labor is wise. Try the No Fours Diet and fish oil to reduce stress, don’t worry, be happy.

5. ART AND FUN. From another kind former student Sidar: Some Thanksgiving art: A periodic table of vitamins

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