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Answer to readers – Trade off of yogurt and No Fours Diet

by Roc (click here for full post)

In answer to many readers questions about recent studies that show the beene

Many readers have commented on an inconsistency. One cannot consume dairy and follow the No Fours Diet. On the one hand, recent literature supports the value especially of yogurt , for controlling weight and maintaining healthy intestines. On the other hand, all dairy, including yogurt and cheese, is not permitted when following the No Fours Diet. Dairy comes from four legged animals, causing inflammation through the presence of sialic acids.

So is it wiser to stick with the No Fours Diet, or eat yogurt? There are other fermented foods instead of dairy that also provide bacteria and yeast, like sauerkraut. If one is scrupulous about the No Fours Diet, one probably is not overweight, and the yogurt for weight control might not be needed. I also have read that dairy contains one-seventh the amount of sialic acids compared to four-legged meat, although that’s still plenty to contribute to inflammation. It’s a tradeoff, with risks and benefits, and we each must choose, depending on our personal situation. Sorry there are often no easy answers. I admit I personally eat yogurt, but also indulge in red meat on occasion too.

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