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Three key health topics

by Roc (click here for full post)

In answer to reader questions and reading beyond AJCN and J Nutrition, I have decided to share three web pages I have added, summarized and linked below:

1. Kidney Stones – Here are peer-reviewed article providing evidence that vitamin C does not cause kidney stones, and may help to prevent them. Although most urologists are taught that vitamin C can be metabolized to oxalic acid, which is what stones are usually made of, vitamin C users have no more stones than the general public, and higher doses do not cause stone formation.

2. LDL, cholesterol, and heart disease and stroke risk – New research on cholesterol indicates that your choleserol level is probably an obsolete measure of heart attack and stroke risk. What is more related, based on theory and incidence, is the size of your LDL particles, that can usually be predicted by having your triglyceride level tested at the same time.

3. Using high dose vitamin C to treat cancer – Vitamin C can be extremely effect in killing cancer cells in humans. It has been remarkably effective in treating cancer in people when used orally and by intravenous feeding. This brief review highlights some of the key papers, and a possible treatment for bladder cancer.

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“endurance exercise can attenuate the cumulative systemic decline observed in aging”, Tarnopolsky et al, PNAS February 22, 2011

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