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by Roc (click here for full post)

A reader recently sent me a nutrition newsletter she had received online.  She asked whether melatonin was safe as a supplement to take sometimes to help with sleeping  Here’s what the newsletter said:

Answer:  No!
Melatonin is a hormone made in the pineal gland from the amino acid tryptophan. As we consume tryptophan in our food during the day, the body converts it into serotonin. Serotonin, in turn, is converted into melatonin. This conversion occurs most efficiently at night. Melatonin creates stupor, raises estrogen and is thus anti-thyroid and carcinogenic. (Dr. Ray Peat, www.RayPeat.com).

Here’s my response: I DISAGREE WITH THIS COMPLETELY, AND HAVE HEARD AN EXPERT IN NUTRITION AND GENE EXPRESSION STATE THAT MELATONIN HAS MANY BENEFITS.  AND I have peer-reviewed references supporting my view, in contrast to the online newsletter you provided, which only is justified by the author’s personal opinion. Anecdotal opinions expressed in most online nutrition information is likely to be both incorrect and stressful to read.  Please check the information and peer-reviewed references on melatonin at this link:

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