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Metal Chelation Therapy

by Roc (click here for full post)

Metal Chelation Therapy

There are many chelation products on the market, and Nutrition Investigator is not aware of any professional literature indicating any of them are useful. However, below are some notes on specific prescription products that might be useful if appropriate for your condition.

FROM LINUS PAULING DIET AND OPTIMAL HEALTH MEETING MAY 18-22, 2005 For those with patience, here are my notes from one of the best professional meetings for M.D. and Ph.D. professionals involved in nutrition professionally. They have not been edited, and are slowly moving on to the appropriate web pages of Nutrition Investigator. Any mistakes are my own, but I have done my best to capture relevant exciting information I learned at this conference.
Iron Chelation, by Dr. Richardson
need iron chelators to treat Parkinson’s
Rasagiline is a great iron chelator approved by the FDA in 2005.
A new drug M3O which is being developed might be even better, but is still being developed.
EGC from tea is a potent metal chelator that crosses blood-brain barrier
Ref: Levites, JBC 277: 30574 (2002)
For Parkinson’s disease, one needs an iron (Fe) chelator and EGCG (most concentrated in green tea) to cover both routes of damage
1. Fe radical damage prevented by chelator, 2. neuron loss prevented by EGCG

Copper Chelation by Dr. Brewer
Anti-copper therapy does reduce cancer
Tetramolybdate is a copper chelator
Copper chelators also inhibit arthritis.

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