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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Two supplements designed by Nutrition Investigator ProfRoc

by Roc (click here for full post)

After 40 years studying nutrition and Healthspan, I have developed 2 nutritional supplements that peer-reviewed scientific literature indicates will tremendously benefit health through safe ingredients that trigger many beneficial metabolic effects.

  1. I ate blueberries followed by a cup of green tea every morning because that helps preserve memory. Now I just take a Mito-C tablet, and I get the active ingredients in blueberries and green tea twice a day.
  2. Instead of consuming broccoli and turmeric to reduce my risk for cancer, I just take Triumph to get the active ingredients that probably provide those benefits.
  3. I take comfort and pride by getting the nutrients that are demonstrated to improve my long term health by taking both.
  4. After 40 years learning what nutrients will benefit my health, I am finally able to get them twice a day in just a couple of tablets.
  5. I have friends who take tons of supplements every day. What a joy to have the most important choices in just two tablets.
  6. It was a big problem getting all of the important nutrients to prolong my healthspan, and reduce the risk of age-associated diseases. These two supplements are my solution.
  7. It is a big problem to keep up with all the latest nutrition discoveries, and sort them out from the media nonsense about nutrition. I have my best answers in these two supplements, and will change the formulations as the answers change if new discoveries provide better safe and proven answers.
  8. Instead of not eating to get the benefits of caloric restriction, just take Mito-C to get the apigenin that affects the same pathway of that caloric restriction activates.

I have been told most people are not interested in the science. I have linked this to two scientific papers I have written that I hope will be published.

Triumph: A Product for Health Span based on the Synergy between Vitamins C and K

Mito-C: A supplement to extend healthspan and maintain a healthier brain

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