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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Meeting Notes Linus Pauling Institute 2019

by Roc (click here for full post)

I am very busy setting up sales of the 2 nutritional supplements I have designed, Triumph to reduce risk for cancer and heart disease, and Mito-C to reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  I have attached the powerpoint poster I presented on Triumph at the Linus Pauling conference. Reply now that you may order them when they are available around December and I will record your email for a 10% discount should you decide to order when they are available.

They are based on what I have learned over 10 Linus Pauling conferences. Here are my notes from the latest one.  I have tried to be concise, but know it is a lot to read.

 50% of botanicals tested did not contain the DNA of ingredients; Marijuana products have poor quality control- a cinnabar had an average content of 5mg but individual squares went from 3 to 56 mg of marijuana; nutrition researchers cannot tell what products are crap because of liability costs; 50% of ginseng products are adulterated with heavy metals, pesticides, etc.; 4 factors correlating with2-5x increase in serious diseases since 1990 – 1)Roundup, 2)Electromagnetic radiation, e.g. cell phones and wifi, 3)Antibiotic use harming microbiome, 4)Iron added to foods like cereal;  Black cohosh is no more effective than placebo despite popularity with women, Echinacea is also no more effective than placebo; For treating Crohn’s disease, UltraInflamX Plus360 is very effective; Sulfurophane in cruciferous vegetables activates Nrf2 pathway which detoxifies carcinogens, and helps glutathione degrade harmful air pollution contents (both are in Mito-C); Resveratrol is worth taking to maintain mitochondrial function, and increases CoQ10 safely, as CoQ supplements are hazardous except for those on statins; zinc is not good for mitochondria (except for at onset of colds); Caffeic acid in coffee upregulates proteasomes which degrade harmful proteins-coffee reduces the risk for many diseases, and this may be why; warfarin blocks action of vitamin K and causes central nervous system inflammation (fish oil may be able to replace warfarin); Flavonols in cocoa show an effect in 2 hours on executive function and memory in 65 yr olds; Blueberries and anthocyanins inhibit neuroinflammation, activate mTOR, increase circulation and microvasculature, and lower blood pressure-0.25mg/Kg body weight is sufficient; Brain scans show how blueberries, green tea, and dark chocolate benefit specific regions of the brain; Bruce Ames states that vitamin C is the most important molecule in serum, regulating histone and DNA demethylation which are responsible for epigenetics; Nicotinamide riboside (and niacin) relieve the stress on our NAD levels caused by noise, sun, food, alcohol, etc. It is especially useful to prevent post-partum depression, promote weight loss, and increase lactation; with adequate vitamins C&D and zinc, elderly have much healthier immune response, are less sick, and illness is less severe; sepsis leads to high cognitive decline from inflammation, but sepsis can be cured within 24 hours by intravenous vitamin C; Maret Traber reports that 15 mg of vitamin E is all a person requires;DHA is much better than olive oil to treat hyperglycemia and reverse liver damage from oxylipin; Kefir reduces C. difficile infections, reduces hospital infections and death from 9.1% to 1.9% if a patient has 2 oz twice a day while taking antibiotics in a hospital; Hospitals spent $7,000 on kefir for patients and saved them $200,000 in medical costs; xanthohumol (in beer) reduces obesity, inhibiting steatosis (fatty liver); exercise and a high antioxidant diet reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s; Gotu kola tea boosts memory and cognition significantly through neuroprotection, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation, but must be careful of heavy metal and pesticide residues in the tea; intravenous treatment of cancer in clinical trials use 75g vitamin C daily for 2 to 5 times a week; cancers become resistant to radiation treatment, but not to iv vitamin C;Prostate cancer has 98% survival rate, but chronic side effects come from fibrosis due to radiation, which are substantially prevented by using MnP(Managanese porphyrin). It increases ATP synthase, decreases free radicals; vitamin C and niacin improve absorption of quercetin – high doses of quercetin is likely to reduce symptoms of the common cold, it is very effective for lung disease that are routinely treated with corticosteroids and bronchodilators which are less effective than 100mcg quercetin+400mcg vitamin C+700mcg niacin/L.

Thanks for trying to stay healthy – my neighbor says it’s easy – Eat Less, Move More! -Roc

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