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by Roc (click here for full post)

Why the Nutrition Consensus Site Exists and How It Can Serve You and Public Health

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[Origin] This website was established to provide impartial, not-for-profit, scientifically based information to help you decide what nutritional supplements you would like to take.  It edited by Professor Emeritus Roc Ordman who spent 38 years studying how to extend the human healthspan through proper nutrition and exercise.  How to get these he found by reading published, peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature, not advertisements and deceptive media reports. 

[Simple facts of pros and cons of taking a specific supplement] To avoid even his own bias, the information here is provided by M.D. and Ph.D. experts belonging to the xxx Roc solicits their input. One member provides a personal choice of a supplement taken regularly, along with a brief essay supported by references.  Other members are then invited to add comments with references explaining why they do or do not take that supplement.  Roc collects the responses, edits them for brevity, and updates them as further information appears about the benefit or hazard of taking any specific supplement. THE GOAL IS TO PROVIDE CLEAR AND SHORT FACTUAL INFORMATION ABOUT EACH NUTRIENT THAT AN EXPERT DEFINITELY TAKES.

[Scorecard of what experts and the public takes] With so many possible choices, reading about every choice is more than most people want to do.  So on the Scorecard page, there is a list of the top 40 choices by the 500 members of the xxx.  In addition, there is a score for each supplement for based on how many people in the general population take that supplement.  This way, at a glance, you can easily decide what most experts and people are taking. This way you can refine your choice quickly about what to read about.

[Newsletter] By 2020, knowledge about medicine, including nutrition, will double every 7 months.  The top choices today may change next week, just as advice changed from using butter to margarine to olive oil with your food.  For this reason, there is a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to or check up on periodically. In a brief email, it will summarize the past month’s changes in what is known about specific supplements and what experts are consuming.

[Education] While the site provides guidance on specific nutrients, how does one decide on specific companies and products?  In 2017 an independent analysis was published. It reported that less than 50% of herbal products sold commercially contained any of the herb on the label. 

    On these pages, the site provides guidance on how to evaluate a product and company from which you might purchase a product. Athletes in my classes used to complain that when they went to a nutrition store, the sales person would try to sell them everything in the store, and provided information that was extremely deceptive, so they ended up confused and angry.  Their frustration was another major motivation to build this website.

[Search and ask] Finally, there is a page that provides advice on how to search this site and the internet for valid answers to your nutrition questions, and a place where you can send questions or comments that may help to improve this site.

Thank you for finding this site.

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