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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

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1B: scorecard: and public preferences for nutritional supplement ingredients

1C: introduction: How to use this site

1D: disclaimer

1E:Complete list of nutritional supplements used by members LINK:

1F: Newsletter Index: index of date of newsletters sent, including a search command for all newsletter

1G: Search command and instructions for searching web site and for nutrition on the internet

1H: How to do a Product evaluation, comments on specific companies, and links to specific companies

1I: Rules for Website sponsors (donations to site, allowed to link to website and display they are a corporate sponsor but not revealed at website

LEVEL 2: Category Choices: Second page will have 5 to 30 boxes. Each level 2 box has a link to main evaluation of a specific nutrient.

LEVEL 3: Specific nutrients: Each level 3 page will have the main evaluation of a specific nutrient, with an essay with many links for citations of scientific articles throughout the internet. At the bottom, there will be links to level 4, additional pros and cons. e.g. Vitamin C

LEVEL 4A: Pros A. Pros with citations for the specific nutrient. e.g. vitamin C Pros

LEVEL 4B. Cons s with citations for the specific nutrient. e.g. Vitamin C Cons

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