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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

March ’19 headlines from Roc, Nutrition Investigator

by Roc (click here for full post)

Nov ’18 aspirin study keeps getting media coverage. It claimed deadly risks of aspirin outweigh benefits for heart disease & stroke. The daily aspirin study should be interpreted with caution! – In a 5 yr study of 20,000 over 65 in the US and Australia, the risk of death from any cause was 12.7 events per 1000 person-years in the aspirin group and 11.1 events per 1000 person-years in the placebo group, primarily as a result of cancer. This indicates healthy older people do not benefit from daily aspirin. But the odds ratio is not that different, and this is just one study. However, examining the details leaves nutrition investigator still taking  adult aspirin 3 times a week.  For a longer discussion, see this link.

Prediabetes does not exist, and was promoted as an excuse by big pharma to market drugs. Higher blood glucose is common, and only 2% develop diabetes after 5 years, vs. 20% claimed by pharma. Science 8 Mar 19 pg 1027

Keep your telomeres longer by avoiding stess and getting exercise to maintain telomeres. The present review demonstrates that shorter telomere length may have an important role in incidence of gastric cancer and, probably, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease..  “Ageing Research Reviews”

Why you need to sleep.  Research shows that individual neurons in the brain need sleep to give the chromosomal repair system a chance to clear out daily debris accumulated during wake time. At night, neuronal traffic is light and damage caused by activity or environment can be fixed.; Mechanism by which sleep aids recovery from infection identified. Sleep also lowers risk for heart disease, aids weight control, and improves mood.  J Exp Med 216:517 (2019)

Another fatal human brain disease has been shown to be caused by prions, as are Alzheimer’s and others. The Economist.  All the more reason to have blueberries followed by a cup of green tea each day to prevent protein misfolding.

Preserved physical fitness is associated with lower 1 year mortality in frail elderly patients with a severe comorbidity burden.   

It seems young blood does not reverse aging in humans: Recall the animal study where pooled blood of old and young mice caused the old mice to grow young. A company has marketed serum from young adults to the elderly for $1,000/liter. But the FDA warns that blood infusions from young donors won’t reverse aging.


2017 Speech on our increasing healthspan!

Detecting BS in Health Care 1.0.  U Penn Wharton School profs highlight some of the claims that too frequently are touted as outcomes without the necessary backing of data. 

AI system for diabetes treatment. DreaMed has just partnered with French company BioCorp to create an Artificially Intelligent system that integrates BioCorp’s Mallya smart cap for pen injectors with DreaMed’s Advisor Pro insulin analysis system.

Boosting the gut’s immune response.  Research into the gut’s immune cell training system: They now have discovered that gut bacteria slow the immune response. Increasing the level of antigens boosts the response, enabling oral vaccines.

In elderly mice, new drug increases muscle fiber size 80%  “New Study Identifies Drug to Regenerate Elderly Muscles”  Here is the study: “Small molecule nicotinamide N-methyltransferase inhibitor activates senescent muscle stem cells and improves regenerative capacity of aged skeletal muscle” From the Geronotological Research Group

Eliminating transmission of genetic diseases. For in vitro fertilization, Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center uses the latest technology to ensure IVF patients have healthy babies.

– Roc, Nutrition Investigator

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