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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

AJCN September, 2009 – SUMMARY

by Roc (click here for full post)

The main nutrition investigator website has moved to http://campus.beloit.edu/nutrition.  Please see SYNOPSES with more thorough explanations at this link [http://campus.beloit.edu/nutrition/aln/0909ajcn.htm]. And if you have questions, please ask Roc at ordman@beloit.edu. To be removed from or add someone to receive this nutrition summary, click here.

MEAT AND DAIRY HAZARDOUS 1. Meat and dairy are likely to contribute to breast cancerIn another study, we identified 2 dietary patterns: Western (refined grains, processed meat, and sweets) and prudent (whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and fish). The prudent diet was weakly associated with lower breast cancer risk 2. Meat contributes to brain cancer 3. Fat and processed meat diet increases heart disease 82% vs. whole grain, fruit and vegetable diet decreases it 46%

WEIGHT LOSS 4. High protein, carb-free diet has merit – Background: High-protein diets have been shown to increase energy expenditure 5. Drinking water reduces weight gain – Total water intake was inversely related to energy from fat and energy density but positively related to dietary fiber, caffeine, alcohol, and diet quality. 6. Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to obesity 7. CLAs reduce obesitySUPPLEMENT: Monosodium glutamate symposium – It is the fifth basic taste, in addition to sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. It may reduce weight gain by affecting the brain. 8. Increasing obesity at age 4 raises risk of heart disease

FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND WHOLE GRAINS INCREASE YOUR HEALTH 9. Cholesterol levels improved by anthocyanins – Anthocyanins are found in fruits and vegetables. 10. Whole grains, esp. bran, reduce hypertension 11. Dietary fiber reduces the risk of getting breast cancer

OTHER SIMPLE HEALTH STEPS 12. Vitamin C is important for a healthy brain 13. Even those with diabetes benefit from moderate alcohol intake 14. Elderly may benefit from weighing more 15. Green tea reduces the risk of dying from pneumonia – Odds of dying were 1.00 (reference) for <1 cup/d, 0.59 for 1–2 cups/d, 0.55 for 3–4 cups/d, and 0.53 for 5 cups/d. 16. Those with prostate cancer may benefit from B6 supplements

STILL CONTROVERSY 17. Coffee did not prevent mental decline in elderly people – This study did not justify coffee drinking, though others have. 18. Nutritional quality of organic foods is not substantially different ( though hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and other exogenous contaminants were not considered)

The more power you give away, the more you gain…the most powerful leaders are those who give up leadership opportunities and are selfless in their title and rank. – Dick Couto KNFP3

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