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Email for Essay 2: Sugartown – One Day in Roc’s Life – 46 resolutions

by Roc (click here for full post)

Happy New Year! I have pushed to send the attached essay out now, so it might inspire some New Year’s Resolutions. I had forgotten about balancing on one foot while brushing my teeth, and have really slacked off on paino playing – but the new year brings new resolution!
I hope you were reading nutrition investigator, when I suggested that I write essays that paint the big picture of how to live to have a longer healthspan, based on my reading and research on this topic over the past 40 years. Among the 9 essays I plan to write, this one got the most votes for me to write first. This is actually essay 2. Before this one will be why I write these essays, what my qualifications are, and how they should be read. That includes the disclaimer, so please read that at my website – http://www.nutritioninvestigator.org/Nutrition/disclaimer.htm
These are my ideas based on scientific articles that guide my thinking. Readers are welcome to discuss them with their medical professionals. It is my choices, not what you should do. But you might discuss it with your doctor.
When I had my own company, Personal Health Corporation, I adopted the slogan, “Safe and Proven”, to describe vitamins I wanted to have in a supplement. Safe means that there have been many research studies over many years that indicate the material is safe for the typical reasonably healthy person. I recognize there are people who are allergic to nuts, and should not eat them. So if I state “research shows eating a handful of nuts significantly improves health”, I expect someone allergic to nuts is bright enough to realize they should not eat nuts – they can talk to their doctor to see if there is an alternative they can try.
May this be a better year for us all! I am grateful that the last one was not worse.

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