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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Nov 2018 Nutrition long notes from Roc

by Roc (click here for full post)

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Living to 200 and beyond.  (TY WIN & I24 News) Israeli biotech Cellect is developing stem cell technology that may extend individual human life far beyond what currently can be conceived.


The daily aspirin study should be interpreted with caution! – In a 5 yr study of 20,000 over 65 in the US and Australia, the risk of death from any cause was 12.7 events per 1000 person-years in the aspirin group and 11.1 events per 1000 person-years in the placebo group, primarily as a result of cancer. This indicates healthy older people do not benefit from daily aspirin. But the odds ratio is not that different, and this is just one study.


How can we evaluate which are the most predictive measures of aging? Telomere length was not predictive. Nor were the epigenetic clocks. But clinical function tests are the most predictive: Balance, grip strength, cognitive tests, pictures of faces, self-rated healthiness. Caloric Restriction (CR), Protein Restriction (PR), and Methionine Restriction (MR) all extend lifespan in rodents and other species. Exercise is the best therapy that anyone can do. The neuromuscular junction (NMJ) can deteriorate with age and inactivity. But activity is protective. BDNF is released from the brain as a result of exercise. SOD prod is enhanced by aerobic exercise. Although one-time exercise can increase inflammation, regular exercise reduces inflammation.


The latest AARP magazine recommends the HIIT workout – The One Workout You Must Do! It looks like it gives miraculous results, and I will be trying it.  Here is some science, mainly testimonials from “experts”, indicating it is valuable for young and old.


The Univ. of WI found that the average workday for its family physicians had grown to eleven and a half hours. The result has been epidemic levels of burnout among clinicians.  40% screen positive for depression, and 7% report suicidal thinking – almost double the rate of the general working population. Something’s gone terribly wrong. Doctors are among the most technology-avid people in society; computerization has simplified tasks in many industries. Yet somehow we’ve reached a point where people in the medical profession actively, viscerally, volubly hate their computers.-The Upgrade, The New Yorker, Nov. 12, 2018


Prolonging healthy aging: Longevity vitamins and proteins written by Roc’s idol: Bruce N. Ames.  The evidence for classifying taurine as a conditional vitamin, and the following 10 compounds as putative longevity vitamins, is reviewed: the fungal antioxidant ergothioneine; the bacterial metabolites pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) and queuine; and the plant antioxidant carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, α- and β-carotene, β-cryptoxanthin, and the marine carotenoid astaxanthin. Because nutrient deficiencies are highly prevalent in the United States (and elsewhere), appropriate supplementation and/or an improved diet could reduce much of the consequent risk of chronic disease and premature aging.


Fasting to improve healthspan! It is possible that daily fasting, even without caloric restriction, may improve health in humans.


We just published an updated and detailed guide on the 14 best yoga poses for relieving constipation, based on our in-house yoga instructor’s years of teaching experience. You can find it here: https://www.jenreviews.com/yoga-for-constipation/


A reader asked about the supplement Protandim which is a nrf2 inducer.  Nrf2 is a gene that promotes antioxidants and improves health.  However, coffee, tea, etc. are fine for that also.


Amino acids serine and tyrosine higher in elephant and human milk. A diet containing more of these amino acids may promote longevity.


Device to cure both overeating and sleep apnea.  Zen Eating, with R&D in Israel, has developed the Sipper – a device that trains the tongue to digest food slower, to match the brain’s “I’m full” mechanism. A Sipper user eats up to 30% less food per meal. The training also can cure snoring – a major cause of sleep apnea.
https://www.timesofisrael.com/obesity-sleep-apnea-are-targeted-by-new-straw/  https://zeneating.com/


Reduce inflammation to prevent reawakening dormant cancer cells. Disseminated cancer cells can reside in organs for long periods after cancer has been treated. Science pg 1314 28 Sept 2018


Destroys tumors in weeks. I reported previously (9th Sep) on Israel’s Alpha Tau’s radiation emitters starting trials in the USA.  Trials have also been launched at two centers in Rome, Italy. But I should have mentioned that 70% of patients in earlier Israeli and Italian studies saw their tumors disappear in just a few weeks.


New molecule kills brain cancer cells. Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have developed a molecule to treat glioblastoma, a very aggressive type of brain cancer. The molecule blocks the ability of the MKNK2 gene to produce Mnk2b – a cancer-causing protein but increases the levels of Mnk2a – an inhibitor protein.


Contact lenses for the nose.  Israel’s Beck Medical has developed NozNoz – a silicon nasal insert that curbs the appetite by blocking the senses of smell and taste. The effect is to prevent stimulating the body’s olfactory bulb that controls hunger and food preferences. NozNoz is comparable to contact lenses for the nose.


Israel Technion researchers have proved that positive emotions have the ability to shrink tumors (24th July) . Here is another couple of articles about their research.

Trials to regrow knee cartilage. (TY Atid-EDI) I reported previously (Nov 2016) that Israel’s Regentis was to begin Phase III trials on its GelrinC, treatment for cartilage damage in the knee. The study has now been extended to 11 US sites involving 120 patients. The GelrinC implant encourages stem cells to re-grow cartilage.


GSA 2017 notes from Furber

It is important to eat a variety of different types of berries and fruits. Blueberry consumption improves executive function. Strawberry consumption improves learning and working memory. These also help in rat studies: spinach, walnuts, coffee, concord grape juice, tart cherries. Whole foods may be more effective than isolated supplements. Coffee and onions are two of the highest sources of phenolics in the human diet. NMN increases NAD+ levels in mouse muscle. Niacin = nicotinic acid, vitamin B3. Niacin is upstream of NAD synthesis.


Metformin targets multiple pathways of aging. Metformin is fixing a lot of problems. In a small clinical trial, they have found that the expressions of hundreds of genes change when metformin is taken by humans. Metformin delays cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s. There is less cancer. It delays the onset of diabetes, and more. Metformin inhibits several types of cancers. Metformin given to diabetics was associated with reduced mortality in T2DM compared with non-diabetes. Earlier concern about lactic acidosis has been alleviated. Metformin reduced mortality from chronic kidney disease.


Implants made from patient’s own cells. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed the first fully personalized tissue implant, made from of a patient’s own fat cells. It means that eventually there will be no risk of an immune response to any organ implant, whether heart tissue, brain tissue or spinal cord.
POSTOPERATIVE cognitive dysfunction current preventive strategies. Pharmacologic agents such as acetylcholine esterase inhibitors promise to have a vital role in the management of POCD but exhibit undesired side effects. Interventions to reduce oxidative stress and neuroinflammation could prove beneficial.



AIDS / cancer treatment success & goes into production. (TY Hazel) Following successful human trials, Israel’s Zion Medical is to build a biotechnology plant to manufacture its “Gammora” AIDS / cancer treatment. Gammora (see here) eliminates HIV virus-infected cells – not the virus – preventing development of resistance.



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