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by Roc (click here for full post)
UPDATE 2018: Juvenon is based on the discovery of Dr. Bruce Ames, a US Medal of Science winner and dear friend.  When he fed Juvenon to old rats, they were rejuvenated.  Instead of being tired and stupid, they began running on the wheel and finding their way through mazes like youngsters. Here is a link to the science behind it.

Juvenon is no longer owned or supervised by Dr. Ames. It has now developed a line of products whose value I have not evaluated.  Dr. Ames did clinical trials of Juvenon with people and could not find an optimum dose, or measure significant benefits.  However, the biochemical rationale makes sense. N-acetyl carnitine transports fats into the mitochondria so they can be metabolized, and lipoic acid is the vitamin necessary for the complex that begins the citric acid cycle to generate energy.  So currently I take it 3 times a week as it cannot do any harm, and is likely to provide benefit.

UPDATE 2010 – Juvenon – http://www.juvenon.com/ – Dr. Bruce Ames, National Medal of Science winner, developed this product which turns old mice into young ones, providing both energy and memory function of a youngster through reasonable biochemical mechanisms. juvenon – acetyl-L-Carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid Also, this site goes to Juvenon Health Journal, which provides excellent reading about the product formulation and other discoveries. Here is the link to where it can be purchased.

However, after what I learned about lipoic acid and N-acetyl carnitine, example article, I ordered and have started taking Juvenon. But when I looked at just buying the lipoic acid and N-acetyl carnitine separately as supplements, I discovered it was only about 60% of the price, so I may take the supplements instead, though it is more effort.

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