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Aug 2018 long notes

by Roc (click here for full post)

Celebrating my 70th birthday with my 7 grandchildren this week! But lots of headlines so here they are.


Positive emotions can shrink tumors. (TY WIN) Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have linked positive emotions with cancer remission. In laboratory tests, increased levels of the pleasurable neurotransmitter dopamine helped the immune system to reduce tumor size by 50 per cent.


Who is likely to STAY active for life.   Among groups of a particular risk, there are professionally active and unemployed people aged 50–64 years without children as well as retirees aged 65+ years who do not meet WHO recommendations (45.3; 50.4% and 47.6%). The unemployed and retirees more frequently (p<0.0001) do not or cannot practice sport and do not think that a change of their situation is expected soon.


From a wonderful friend: Here is a fascinating story about sleep: npr fresh air, well worth listening to in its entirety.  Summary: Just like the lymphatic system for “filtering” toxins in the rest of the body, the brain is now known to have a glymphatic system that springs into action when we are sleeping.  Regular Sleep is absolutely crucial to our well being. Lack of sleep and irregular sleep habits may be the prime factors in accelerating (?) Alzheimer’s since the beta amyloid protein generated in the disease preferentially attacks/deposits in sleep centers in the brain, in turn affecting the glymphatic system and its purifying actions(?)


Low to moderate exercise may be best! It is evident that the responses of CAMs are dependent upon the type and intensity of exercise performed. The most common, favorable outcome was a decrease in CAMs following low-to-moderate intensity aerobic exercise, while high-intensity aerobic exercise showed a short-lived, momentary increase in CAMs, which returned to the pre-exercise level within a few hours post-exercise. Resistance exercise, regardless of its intensity, neither significantly increased nor decreased CAMs.


Because the brain and the immune system are now understood to be closely connected, taking vitamin D to strengthen the innate immune system may reduce the risk and progression of Alzheimer’s.  -Sci Am Aug 2018 pg 33.


Short-term weight loss reverses obesity-induced microvascular endothelial dysfunction


Slideshow on how turmeric relieves rheumatoid arthritis (it also works on osteoarthritis and reduces cancer risk!)


Crohn’s treatment shows promise.  Israeli biotech Redhill announced positive results of the Phase 3 trial for RB-104 in treating Crohn’s disease which affects 1.5 million people worldwide.


FROM NCI Nutrition Frontiers:

Several observational studies indicate an inverse association between circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) and cancer incidence and a person’s genetic background may contribute to this association.


Zerumbone, a Ginger Extract, Suppresses Hepatocarcinogenesis.  Zerumbone, a dietary compound derived from the ginger plant, exhibits anticancer activities in serval tumor models. Zerumbone’s antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory activities act through the modulation of NFκB activity.


Temporal Efficacy of Sulforaphane-Based Broccoli Sprouts.  Sulforaphane (SFN), an isothicyanate found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli sprouts (BSp), has been shown to modulate epigenetic pathways in vitro and in vivo and reduce the risk of breast cancer.



The review indicates that both cognitive and physical training have an impact on cognition and on the brain. However, each type of training seems to preferentially enhance different cognitive functions and specifically impact both brain structure and function. Even though some results argue in favor of a complementarity between cognitive and physical training and the superiority of combined cognitive and physical training, the current state of knowledge does not permit any definitive conclusion.


Why older people participate in nutrition and exercise programs! Identified concepts to participate in a PE intervention were intrinsic health beliefs, fear of falling or injuries, influence of significant others and environment, and (para)medical encouragement (Cronbach’s alpha: 0.75; 72% variance explained). Intrinsic health beliefs, influence of significant others and (para)medical encouragement were identified as concepts that motivate older people to participate in a nutritional intervention


SHIELD acronym to prevent Alzheimer’s – Sleep (7-8 hrs uninterrupted); Handle stress; Interact (be sociable); Exercise; Learn (more synapses you have, more you can lose); and Diet (eat fruits, vegetables, olive oil; whole grains).

Factors that positively or negatively mediate the effects of age on working memory across the adult life span.


Triple treatment to defeat lung cancer. Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have used a combination of 3 cancer treatments to prevent lung cancer tumors from re-occurring. In laboratory tests, when Tagrisso, Erbitux and Herceptin were used together they prevented the cancer from developing resistance to single treatments.



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