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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

May 18 Nutrition Investigator– long notes

by Roc (click here for full post)

BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE! Only 16% of lifespan is determined by genetic inheritance.  Science 360:153


EXERCISE! Alright, Alright – Let’s Exercise – For many of us, getting our bodies moving with exercise is a challenging daily task or, should I say “chore”. Well, get the lead out. There’s a new study that ties your marbles to your muscles. In a long-term study started in 1968, investigators found that high levels of cardiovascular exercise resulted in a dramatic reduction in dementia for middle-aged women at a level of 88% LESS than those participants who did not exercise regularly!! The dementia examinations occurred in six separate evaluations over time. In fact, the study showed that the highly fit women who did develop dementia did so an average of 11 years later than the moderately fit women. -From the Fickenscher Files


Science 27 April: Children overweight throughout youth are 4 times more likely to become diabetic.  Those who lost excess weight by age 13 cut their risk to those who were never overweight.


CONSIDER 500mg VITAMIN C TWICE A DAY! Science 27 April: Evidence to take 500mg vitamin C twice a day: It reduces inflammation and cancer and prevents autoimmune disorders.  Dimethyl fumarate, a treatment for multiple sclerosis and psoriasis, also treats other autoimmune disorders, primarily by blocking inflammation.This anti-inflammatory action is similar to the effect of vitamin C, which reduces inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and cancer by the same mechanism.


More evidence to take 500mg vitamin C twice a day: OXIDATIVE stress aging and diseases: Oxidative stress is involved in several age-related conditions (ie, cardiovascular diseases [CVDs], chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer), including sarcopenia and frailty. Antioxidant therapy could positively affect the natural history of several diseases


BEWARE OF ANTIBIOTICS: Patients aged ≥65 years used more antimicrobials, at 1.10 per person per year, compared to 0.88 antimicrobials used per person per year in patients aged 0–64 years. With the abundance of antimicrobial prescriptions and the current growth in the number and proportion of older adults in the US, it is essential that health care providers understand appropriate antimicrobial pharmacotherapy in the elderly patient.  REVIEW of antimicrobial use and considerations in the elderly population;


Ampicillin is the worst antibiotic to use because it is associated with the poorest recovery and greatest destruction of healthy microbiome.


Israel’s MeMed has developed ImmunoXpert – a fast test to determine whether an infection is bacterial or virus. ImmunoXpert is now EU approved and a recent study shows it can reduce unnecessary antibiotic use by nearly 90%.



Suicide in older adults current perspectives Suicidal behavior in older adults (65 years old and over) is a major public health issue in many countries. Suicide rates increase during the life course and are as high as 48.7/100,000 among older white men in the USA. Specific risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors among older people: psychiatric and neurocognitive disorders, social exclusion, bereavement, cognitive impairment, decision making and cognitive inhibition, physical illnesses, and physical and psychological pain.


Blueberries for gout. Just anecdotal report that 1 cup am and another pm relieved serious gout symptoms.  When person stopped taking blueberries, the symptoms returned, so he resumed eating blueberries and they are gone.


Long-lasting MS treatment.  Israeli biotech Mapi has developed a formulation of Glatiramer Acetate that Multiple Sclerosis patients only need take once a month, rather than daily. Glatiramer Acetate Depot is still in Phase 3 trials but Mapi has already sold the marketing rights to multinational giant Mylan.

New pathway to treat Parkinson’s.  An Israeli-led international study has discovered that proteins called BMP5/7 are essential for the latest stem cell replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease. The proteins help to stimulate the production of dopaminergic neurons, which Parkinson’s patients lack.


SAFETY: My name is Sara Miller, and I represent the Community Outreach team here at ConsumerSafetyGuide.com. Consumer Safety Guide was created to keep the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Our website is constantly being updated with the most recent information on the most popular prescription medications and FDA-approved medical devices that could be endangering your health or putting your loved ones at risk.

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