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1802 Nutrition notes

by Roc (click here for full post)

Valentine treats for your health from Nutrition Investigator
February is a slow month. Take it easy. Here’s a few recent ideas.

Fructose, the sweetest of natural sugars, causes liver disease when too much is consumed, e.g. in diet sodas! (Economist 2/10/18 pg 72/Cell Metabolism)

High caloric intake induces inflammation. Mice fed a Western diet developed systemic inflammation, increased body mass, and resulting pathologies. (Science 359:531)

Another reason to take vitamin C to prevent oxidized LDL from accumulating – Cholesterol deposits (oxidized as oxysterols) accumulate in phagocytic cells and disrupt the repair of demyelinated axons.  Kids repair their brain cells by remyelinating them.  Older people with accumulation of oxysterols do not. The crystals lead the cell death and inflammation in the brain. (Science 359:635

Biofilms provide refuge for cancerous bacteria so keep a healthy microbiome with yogurt and whole grains. (Science 359:531).

Fake operations can be a good thing! The placebo effect if very powerful. Lancet reports a sham operation is as effective as inserting a catheter for opening arteries. (Sci Am 2/18 pg 22)

Spermidine is likely to have many health effects (Science 359:410) though I have not found a source for supplements. Your level of Spermidine declines with your age. It is a caloric-restriction mimetic targeting various molecular and physiological adversities.  “The effects were dramatic by several measures, with C60 being rather more dramatic. … Reason for use: Spermidine has been linked to hair growth, arterial health, longevity, epithelial stem cell modulation, and autophagy activation.“

READER QUESTION: Given the correlation between meat protein and cancer discussed in the China Study, would you elaborate on this comment: “Reduced caloric intake and more protein increase health span in multiple studies.”  Is the protein increase, plant-based?  EXCELLENT observation. It is wise to limit red meat as a protein source, as that does increase health risk in many more studies.

Megan McDaniel <megan@rehabcenter.net>
I’m a team member at rehabcenter.net, an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need. I saw you had a very helpful links/resources section here: http://www.nutritioninvestigator.org/Nutrition/hlthlnks.htm and thought our organization would be a great addition.
Do you mind adding our page: http://www.rehabcenter.net/ to your list?

– Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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