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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

January – Nutrition investigator is back with lengthy notes

by Roc (click here for full post)

Happy New Year! Sorry I have so many notes to catch up on. I finally submitted my NIH proposal Jan 3, hoping to prevent people from getting cancer with an inexpensive tablet. Cross your fingers – only 1 in 20 chance of funding around July. Below are brief headlines with longer notes here (http://www.nutritioninvestigator.org/Nutrition/aln18/1801notes.htm).



Inflammation is a major cause of cancer and heart disease. Reduce inflammation with fish/oil, exercise, no fours diet!


Ingested capsaicinoids (capasaicin) can prevent obesity caused by a low fat, high carbohydrate diet or a high fat diet.


“LDL isn’t really as bad as they make it out to be – at least not until it becomes oxidized.” Roc comment: It is important to take 500 mg vitamin C twice a day, as that prevents LDL oxidation!


Reduced caloric intake and more protein increase healthspan in multiple studies.


Inflammation is one of the main triggers of metastasis, so reducing it can reduce heart disease, cancer, and metastasis of cancer.


Use of Dietary Supplements among older adults continues to be high in the United States, esp. with prescription medications.


For diabetics, a no-needle glucose meter is expected this year.


READER NOTE: People with a sensitive stomach may have alternatives to taking aspirin to prevent heart disease


Preventing plagiarism in college.



Cancer Is promoted through obesity-induced inflammation.


Older adults who are trying to slim down should consider lifting weights. The diets that cause muscle loss are usually low calorie, low-protein diets. Deficiencies in protein and calories cause the body to break muscle down.


Injection that melts fat is in clinical trials.


Exercising 1 hr/day doubles brain function of 80 year olds.


Dietary interventions have been shown to influence various cognitive and behavioral tests in rodents indicating that nutrition can influence brain aging and possibly neurodegeneration.


 The predominant sleep position in adults is on the side.


For people over 50, smiling improves effectiveness of flu vaccination, as does 400iu of vitamin E for 3 days before and after the shot.


Perhaps you should have your doctor check your apoB level instead of cholesterol to avoid heart attacks?


READER NOTE: Rethinking cholesterol – more evidence to avoid statins.


You can work toward brain health by following recommendations of the Alzheimer’s Assoc or Am. Heart Assoc, or by reading how to rejuvenate your brain.
Coming soon – Curing glaucoma in the blink of an eye.


Treatment for Parkinson’s major new drug – Salbutamol


Good luck with New Year’s resolutions. -Roc


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