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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Archive for ‘August, 2014

J Nutrition August, 2014 from nutrition investigator Roc

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Headlines! Read summaries after them.
1. Fish oil lowers blood pressure, probably mediated by decreasing serum TGs and BMI. 2. High protein diet helps weight loss3. Sugar-sweetened beverages produce fat bellies 4. Curcumin protects liver and mitochondria – [Roc comment – I have it daily on soup, with cayenne also] 5. Depressed women do eat more energy-dense snacks 6. High fat diet causes chronic inflammation – […] Read more »

Reading notes for Aug 2014 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

by Roc » click here for full post

Here’s catchup on some other reading in the past few months.
1) Niagen – A reader asked about this supplement. It is a very expensive modified vitamin B6, which makes great claims. But this link shows what I found, indicating digestion makes it the same as a vitamin B supplement.

2) Prediabetes – A reader asked what to do if one […] Read more »

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