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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Archive for ‘April, 2014

AJCN Apr 2014 from Roc, Nutrition Investigator

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See longer explanations with active links after headlines:
1. FEATURED: High fiber content is critical to carbohydrate quality to reduce inflammation – Chronic low-grade inflammation is a likely intermediary between quality of carbohydrate and chronic disease risk. Chronic, low-grade inflammation is now considered to be intimately linked to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD).
2. Fat, fried foods, […] Read more »

vegan athlete diet

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Sent by a reader:
My name is Missi and I am writing because of an article I recently wrote. A friend asked me if it was possible to be a vegan and a top athlete. When people imagine the diet of a top level sports star they imagine lots of carbs and lots of protein, but […] Read more »

Microbiome to lose weight and Supplement choice guidance

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Here is a nutrition newsletter from the Natl. Cancer Institute, that includes how controlling your gut microbiome can control your weight.  In another article I read recently, it only takes 5 days on a vegetarian diet to substantially change your microbiome:
Here from the Food and Drug Administration is a short guide to advise you on […] Read more »

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