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Archive for ‘November, 2012

Nov J Nutrition 2012 Thanksgiving food for thought from Roc.

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Read the details after the brief summary, a light meal before the big one.
 1. Choose the real food. Processed food has much higher level of carbs, lower levels of PUFA, potassium, and vitamin D. 2. Get exercise. Exercise effects on bone mineral density in older adults. 3. Thanks to the Juvenon newsletter: Don’t skip meals […] Read more »

American Jrnl of Clinical Nutrition Nov, 2012

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SUMMARY – See this, longer synopses, and active links further down this page.
1. Treatment of obesity BMI >40 or 100 pounds overweight. A reasonable target is 10% of baseline weight per person.
2. Sugar intake, esp. fructose, has risen from 20 pounds to 160 lbs/person/year.
3. Our data refute the existence of a healthy obese phenotype.
4. “Saving […] Read more »

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