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Archive for ‘May, 2012

AJCN June 2012

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Read the details after the summary:
GOOD NEWS – Water, chocolate, red wine, fish oil, exercise, folate
1. Drink plain water to reduce diabetes risk 2 . Cocoa and dark chocolate reduce your blood pressure 3. Red wine polyphenols and alcohol improve your gut biota, serum quality, and blood pressure 4. Fish oil improves serum cholesterols […] Read more »

AJCN and more from Nutrition Investigator Roc at 4:30 am

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see DETAILS for links and brief explanations after summary:
SUMMARY: Long message this time, to help you have a longer, healthier life. I inform my classes that knowing about good nutrition can add at least 10 years to your life. So I started early today to send you vital discoveries.
….FEATURE: 1) 2010 Nature article with recommendations […] Read more »

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

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 This was shared by a kind reader.  I have not verified the contents, but it’s a good reminder of the benefits of fruits and vegetables.


Protects your heart

Prevents constipation

Blocks diarrhea

Improves lung capacity

Cushions joints


Combats cancer

Controls blood pressure

Saves your eyesight

Shields against Alzheimer’s

Slows aging process

Artichokes […] Read more »

Nutrition for Commencement – May J Nutrition

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May J Nutrition 2012– Commencement is tomorrow, I have built 19 3×3′ boxes for my square foot garden, my cancer grant proposal is nearly ready to submit, tomorrow’s mother’s day, and life is good. Embrace today’s signature quote.
First come headlines, details in the next section.

HEADLINES From other reading –
1. Breastfeeding does no harm to […] Read more »

Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients

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I received the following article written by Jillian Mckee <jilliansmckee@gmail.com> with a request that I post it.  Here’s her website:
Note that you can find the most recent discoveries about nutrition for preventing cancer by typing cancer in the Enter Keyword space at the upper right of this page.  It will show all recent postings that […] Read more »

Final advice from my nutrition class

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Sorry my newsletter reviews are late this month.  I am busy finishing grading.  But here’s something I want to share.
At the end of the semester, I asked students in my college science-based nutrition course to select and discuss the five most important things they plan to tell their parents and/or friends that they have learned […] Read more »

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