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Archive for ‘June, 2009

American Aging Assn Meeting Notes 2009

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American Aging Association Notes   May 13-16, Phoenix, AZ, 2009
For more complete notes, go to this site:http://www.beloit.edu/nutrition/ln/ln09mayAGElong.htm
The American Aging Association (AGE) is the pre-eminent association of physicians and researchers devoted to understanding how aging occurs and how to reduce the painful effects often encountered as people age. I have been a member since 1990.
I. […] Read more »

J Nutrition June, 2009 – SUMMARY – See SYNOPSES and links after summary.

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1. Another vitamin E supplement benefit
2. Celery parsley artichokes great with Apigenin – shows considerable promise as a chemopreventive agent
3. Folate essential during peri-conception
4. Diets to reduce or increase pre-eclampsia risk
5. No benefit to selenium supplements
6. BCAAs enhance skeletal muscle synthesis
7. Plant stanols lower triglycerides and LDL
8. Calculate your Mediterranean diet score
9. Many fertile […] Read more »

disclaimer note and AJCN June, 2009

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PERSONAL COMMENT: I am honored that so many people around the world have asked to receive my summaries of the latest peer-reviewed nutrition research. Having studied nutrition for many decades, I recognize that my summaries often reflect my scientific prejudices. Please read the brief article about the likely benefit of vitamin C and E supplements […] Read more »

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