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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

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Special Science issue “Diet and Health” from Roc Nutrition Investigator

by Roc » click here for full post

The 16 Nov Science is a prize, Special Issue “Diet and Health”! I have to share a few bits:
pg 736-Reprogrammed cells could tackle brain damage – in mice they can turn astrocytes into neurons to repair stroke damage, perhaps Parkinsons and Alzheimers
pg 765 Current controversies (NUTRITION Questions we do not know the answers to!): 1. […] Read more »

J Nutrition Oct, 2015

by Roc » click here for full post

Recall last newsletter reported on Metformin as a potential lifespan extension drug.  I have added an essay about my reading about it here.  To read longer summaries of the headlines below, please read after these headlines.
GOOD…Dietary cocoa is an important source of flavonoids and is associated with favorable cardiovascular disease effects; Dietary whey and casein proteins decrease food intake […] Read more »

First major trial of cheap medicine to extend our healthspan

by Roc » click here for full post

And the J Nutrition Sept, 2015 from Roc Nutrition Investigator
Please read the longer summaries after these headlines
FIRST TRIAL TO SLOW AGING – Metformin could add more than 2 yrs to healthspan, saving $7.1 Trillion in the US over 50 years. SOY VS DAIRY Recent evidence suggests that the ingestion of the plant-based proteins in soy and wheat […] Read more »

Aging brain Reading notes for Nov 2014

by Roc » click here for full post

Happy Veteran’s Day. How to preserve your aging brain and more. See details below these Headlines.
I. Great guide to healthy student nutrition 
II. Science special edition on the Aging Brain (31 October 2014) 1. Being bright at age 11 is 50% of whether your brain will age well, rather than exercise, education, diet, body mass index, caffeine […] Read more »

Extending your Healthspan

by Roc » click here for full post

Now that I am retired, I have time to do what I really think is important. I have taken weeks to prepare the many pages and links that extend from this brief email. Thanks to a new theory of aging shared with me by Rolf Martin, and lots of published research supporting both that theory […] Read more »

AAJCN Supplement – Vegetarian Diet Benefits from Nutrition Investigator Roc

by Roc » click here for full post

Five years of research highlighting wonderful reasons to eat nuts, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables, for both health and our planet! My full summary covers 25 important issues, but worth the read after the headlines:
HEADLINES: 1. Preface – The 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, held every 5 years, was held in 2013. There has been a steady […] Read more »

Berries likely to increase our healthspan from Roc Nutrition Investigator

by Roc » click here for full post

SUMMARY: I am becoming involved in the long ongoing blueberry study, coordinated by Dr. Rolf Martin, which has helped make everyone aware of the tremendous health benefits of eating blueberries every day. There are several further benefits being investigated. 1) There is biochemical, whole animal and human cellular evidence that eating them will prevent osteoporosis; […] Read more »

Have a sweet spring; Atkins diet is dead wrong

by Roc » click here for full post

Happy spring, enjoy something sweet! Atkins diet is dead wrong; eat a high carb low protein diet for longer life- and healthspan
From a recent Science issue, 7 March 2014 page 1068, vol 343, “A new theory about the foods that can extend life is taking shape, and it’s sure to be a controversial one. Two studies […] Read more »

Diet for longevity and healthspan

by Roc » click here for full post

A kind reader replied to my email with an article showing that for longevity, at least in a rodent study, a high protein diet is likely to be hazardous. Even caloric restriction using protein to diminish appetite resulted in a shorter lifespan. He wrote “thanks for your latest email looks interesting, there is a recently […] Read more »

For those interested in longevity and healthspan

by Roc » click here for full post

Here is a great newsletter you may wish to subscribe to: 1. A Genetic Entrepreneur Sets His Sights on Aging and Death On March 4th, Dr. J. Craig Venter announced that he was starting a new company, Human Longevity, which will focus on figuring out how people can live longer and healthier lives. 2. Eat Plants And Prosper: […] Read more »

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